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June 6, 2019 Off By darren

Mass Adoption of Crypto Currency is happening faster than anyone can possibly imagine. We here at Altpur know the purchasing power unleashed upon the Crypto-Consumer and have conformed to buyer needs.

Save money, Save time and Empower yourself with the freedoms offered by cryptocurrency and growing communities like Pundi X and XPOS.


The CBD industry has been let down time and time again with traditional banking. Pundi X and the Xpos CryptoCurrency Payment System has freed us from the shackles of banking slavery!

Cannabis growers all over the country have had the most dangerous job of protecting their cash earnings blindsiding them due to the gross incompetence of Washingtons out of date and anti-commerce banking policies and drug laws.

Policies and Laws which allow Big Pharma to pump the population with psych drugs that are addictive and destructive but nobody’s allowed to legally consume Cannabis or Hemp for relief because the Big Dawgs (Congress, Special Interest Groups and Big Pharma) haven’t figured out how to Profit off of it yet! Apparently They Eat First!

That’s a whole lot said in layman’s terms and a general overview as to why CryptoCurrencies will soon DOMINATE! It’s inevitable!

Crypto-Revolution is on the Rise! Freedom is on The Horizon!

Join Dee Duncan the BTCKing and Pundi X! Open the World of Little to No Merchant Fees Commerce to Your Business!

Wouldn’t Be Nice to Cut Out The Middle Man?

Yes, No Middle Man, No Extra Banking Fees!

We Are One!