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Regarding health and you’re ability to make decisions based on your own research. We recommend doing your own due diligence on hemp oil. Information is plentiful and at your fingertips. Figuring out the good from the bad can be tricky. Take your time, you’ll find what you’re looking for if you’re patient.

AltPur, Hemp Oil, CBD and Our Practices

Full Spectrum Hemp oil and the products made of Full Spectrum Hemp Oils have a wide range of health benefits. Many consider this oil an all encompassing holistic option. They offer varying combinations of cannabinoids CBD’s and terpenes. Depending on the extraction process and its source, it is pure in nature. Valid Certificates and COA’s prove the product content authenticity.

Prove Me Wrong!

We Provide Product COA’s upon request. Each product is tested per batch as content levels can vary. Our Hemp Oil Products are subsequently higher in quality. The Farms our products come from are NON-GMO / Organic.

COA test results offer critical information pertaining to exact product content. Chemical profiling which identifies cannabinoids and terpenes. A test for pesticides down to trace amounts and Solvent testing for residual chemicals.

This is a very open and general breakdown of our products and practices. Future posts will cater to more in depth research as our product line grows. Knowing the source of your products and business practices of the companies you buy from is critical to your health.

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Do You Know the Exact Source of Your CBD, RSO or HEMP OILS?

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Does Your Source offer Current Certificates of Authenticity?

Most Provide Out Dated COA’s with No Expiration Date

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